Ice Fishing 101...


... from a girly point of view. ; )

** Click on the pictures to see them LARGER (You know you've always wanted to see what cheese curds look like closeup, admit it!) **

List of supplies include: "Flag thingy."
... Manly Men...
...sled for hauling stuff...
... a lovely singing voice (here fishy fishy)...
... chairs for napping...
... cheese curds...
... a positive attitude...
... a sledding partner...
Pooped out from sledding snow-lump.

... and the most important element for a successful day of ice fishing (and the real reason men stand outside in the freezing cold for hours on end)...

KIELBASA. Enough said.


  1. Beth said...:

    How fun! Ice fishing is not something I have ever had the chance to do. The snow makes me happy though :)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I can tell the manly men had a fantastic day! Kel was so happy and relaxed after I got home from work, he really enjoyed his day off. He said "That's what a day off should be like." I'm sure Connor slept good for his nap in the afternoon. Did you try a sausage? Looks yummy!

  1. kEllEy_G said...:

    Oh my gosh...this is Wisconsin at its finest. Great pics Deb!! Love it. :) The cheese curds, beer, kielbasa...yummmmm! Of course, ice fishing is always fun too. Wish I was there!

  1. Heard by God said...:

    Kelley said it best -- this could be featured in a WI magazine or something, hahah! LOVE it!

    And could your bro have turned more into his dad or what? Holey toledo!

  1. haha Beth-- Glad the snow makes YOU happy... at this point I am really looking forward to Spring! ; )

    & Mom-- Yep, the boys had a good time on their day off! And no, I didn't have any of the sausage (though it looked yummy). I had just finished consuming the Olive Garden leftovers (for breakfast) from the previous night and was still pretty full. : ) And yeah, Connor slept like a log for nap that day and woke up with tons of energy.

    & Kelley-- I took the picture of the cheese curds especially for you, ny dear. I know you have a "fondness" for them... (especially deep fried from Culver's, LOL). ; P

    & Danna-- I know what you mean about Sean-- I think the beard helps them look more alike as well. : )

  1. kEllEy_G said...:

    I want some cheese curds down, darn it! I just looked at all Connor's fireman pics. That camera is pretty awesome...and so is the one using it! ;)

  1. Haha Kel,

    Never understood your passion for curds... kind of like rubbery string cheese IMO!!! ; )

    So when ya' coming for a visit? We still have to do the Domes (AND the Museum now!!), hee hee!!! ; )