I love the Museum.


I love the Museum so much that I've decided to post picture's from today's excursion even before I post all the prior Christmas pic's. Okay, so I haven't even actually gone through and saved the Christmas pic's yet. I'm daunted by that task. There are too many Christmas pic's for my brain to handle at the moment... not to mention video clips. I shudder at the thought. ANYWHO... so here are a few pic's from our trip to the Museum... from today. ~ Deb

Mr. "I'm 4 now and therefore WAY too cool to stand in front of this Mammoth for a picture. SHEEEEEESH Mother."
I just thought this picture turned out nifty. I was surprised that his face was perfectly in focus even though he was flapping his arms like a crazy person.
Igloo reflection.
Watching pennies go down the... um,... penny thing.
My mother, the butterfly-whisperer.
Learning all about maturity from his Grandmother. ; )
This is what fake squid look like, just in case you were wondering.
The museum candyshop.
This is how they decorate the giant blue whale bones that hang from the ceiling for Christmas. Gotta love the Santa hat.
And finally, this is how my mom entertained herself on the long drive home. The hat was a nice touch. ; )


  1. Heard by God said...:

    Oooh, handsomeness in Igloo Reflection.

    Cute shot of Connor & your mama! And LOL at the maturity one right after it -- HAH!

    Fake squid look like gigantic sea scissors??!! ;o)

    GREAT hand face -- the hat is perfect, & the closed-mouth shot is almost freaky. Like he's really real. And watching me.

  1. Jen said...:

    How fun! We were so close to going to the museum yesterday too but opted for a quick trip to Chicago instead. Sierra loves the museum - especially all the computers that she is allowed to touch :) Great pics! I like the ones with Connor and the dinosaur.

  1. Jen said...:

    Ok I guess I had Night at the Museum on the brain - mammoth not dinosaur - at any rate - they look great even if I can't tell my prehistoric animals :)

  1. kEllEy_G said...:

    Man no matter how many museums I've been to, I still love Milwaukee's the best! Maybe it's just the childhood memories that I love from there? I just remember feeling so happy whenever we went...

    Great pics Deb! Your mom is so funny. :) Hah!

    Get on to the Christmas pics now, darn it!!!

  1. HAHA D, "sea scissors".. I guess you are right about that! ; ) And I about died of laughter at your hand face comment... you would have been rolling had you heard the lovely voice my mom made for her lovely little hand face... just imagine a really bad wheezy, mexican accent!

    & Jen-- AW! I WISH you would have gone to the museum-- that would have been totally cool to have run into you after all these years! Though it was extrememly crowded and we may not have even bumped into eachother... Glad you liked the pic's, though! : )

    & Kel-- I know what you mean... everytime I go there I am bombarded with that museum "smell", which I love and wish I could bottle, LOL! It always brings back happy memories. : ) And UGH! Why don't YOU come over and sort through my Christmas pic's??? ... I'll even pay you... does $10 seem fair??? BLAH! ; P

  1. Beth said...:

    I know how you feel about the Christmas pictures. I was going to do them last night, but there are too many! I just can't make myself get to them!