The Titanic Exhibit... or not. >: (


Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition.

"Ninety-six years ago, on an otherwise calm April morning in 1912, the world's largest ship, the RMS Titanic, sank during her maiden voyage after a colliding with an iceberg in the North Atlantic. On board were 2,228 passengers, including titans of commerce and industry, artists, senior members of governments, immigrant families dreaming of a new life and more than 890 members of her crew. More than 1,500 people died. No one believed it could happen. Today, this epic story is revived through Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition. Viewed by more than 20 million people worldwide, the Exhibition is among the highest attended in history and will be available until May 25, 2009."

SOOOOOOO, my Mom and I ventured to the Milwaukee Public Museum again on Sunday to see the Titanic Exhibit. We have been wanting to go for a while (without C-man so we could actually take our time & absorb the exhibit in peace!) and Sunday ended up being the perfect day. I was dying to go because of course I envisioned taking a million cool pictures and sharing them all with you... yeah, that didn't happen. I got to the start of the tour and was told "NO pictures." I think I sputtered out a desperate "But, but... what if I don't use flash?" Nope, no go. So I took a million Museum pictures instead (like you all haven't seen enough already, right?). I figured Kelley & Danna would at least get a kick out of seeing some more... * SIGH. * Right? Anyway, here is a picture of the Titanic from the exhibit. It was blown up really huge and on the wall as we started the tour. (I stole it off the Museum website, hee hee!) ; )

~ Deb

And here, for your viewing (dis)pleasure, are a million more museum pictures. ; P

The only picture I had to use my camera flash on, HOORAY!


  1. Anonymous said...:

    I love the quality of the pics with your new camera, Deb! Bravo!
    I never get tired of seeing cool, sharp and focused museum pics! I am sending in a 2-year subscription for the museum this week, since it expires at the end of January, so we can go back anytime we want, with the C-man, of course! And thanks for not putting too many of my pics on this time.
    You know who!

  1. Beth said...:

    What kind of camera did you get????

    Ugh...I HATE it when I got places and they say "No pictures" is sad :(

  1. Rick G said...:

    These are AWESOME deb!!! Man, it makes me miss it so much. I know I always say the same things, but I can literally hear the sounds, smell the smells, and go back in time to being little again when I look at these pics. I love that museum! I want my kids to go sometime...when in the world will that be?!!!

  1. Rick G said...: IS kelley, but I guess I am signed in under!

  1. Heard by God said...:

    I have been trying to leave a comment all day -- what a horrible day it's been. I'm sorry to dredge that into your chipper blog post, Deb. And what a great post -- I love that museum too, Kell, & these pics totally made me feel like I was walking through it with you guys. They are SO warm & filled with life & feeling. Beautiful job, Deb. And thank you for thinking of me!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Sorry I haven't posted lately. They're not kidding when they say ahving a baby is life altering. Still haven't found my balance yet. Great photos! And what a sexy mom you have. Hope all is well. Love NeeNee