I Have an Affliction.

For whatever reason, I seem to get a bad case of "Connor Christmasitis" about this time every year. Symptoms of this malady include:

1. Digging up every old Christmas related picture I can find.

2. Once found, then posting every Christmas picture of Connor that was unearthed.

3. Then finally locking myself into a closet to secretly sob over the fact that my baby is growing up so fast I can barely keep up...

The depressing thing is that there is no cure for this disease... it only gets worse as time goes on. So part of my therapy is posting all these lovely memories and sharing them with you. Somebody please tell me I'm not the only one suffering from this affliction?

~ Deb

** images are clickable to see larger **

2006 Christmas picture.
2007's picture.
And of course this years picture.
Last year's Santa picture.
I'm defintely not okay with how grown up he looks in this years Santa picture.
I love everything about Christmas... our tree...
... seeing Connor's gigantic penguin stocking hung next to our normal sized ones... ; )
...seeing how excited a cupcake can make a person...
... and all the little knick-knacks.


  1. Monica said...:

    waaahhhh....I so know what you mean. I had a moment like that just last night. Sigh!

    I can't believe how old he is looking in this years Santa pic...just not fair :*(

  1. Beth said...:

    These are super cute! I LOVE the one of Connor that is in sepia with bows on his head!

    Also, your decorations are very pretty!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Thanks for sharing you Christmas present and Christmas past's. All very nice.

  1. Heard by God said...:

    awwww -- this was really neat, Deb!!!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Beautiful photos! Bill wants to know if you're getting paid for doing stuff like this - photos, webpage design? I think I've changed my favorite photo to the Connor with the candy on his toe. Too cute.
    Love NeeNee

  1. Hi Nee Nee,

    Nope- not getting paid for any of this. I get all my blog templates from free web template services. I could only WISH to do photograpghy professionally. It's just too expensive to start up. I wouldn't mind doing it as a side job for extra $$, though. But first I need a "real" camera. All I use now is my old pocket-sized Sony Cybershot that we bought when Connor was born. (see below link):

    It looks like this:


    ** I'd be laughed out of any prospective clients house if I were to show up w/ that as my equipment!!! ; ) **

    Anyway, I had an idea for Christmas this year. I asked Rob to start a camera fund as my gift. So rather than buying a bunch of stuff, I asked him to put aside whatever money he was going to spend and eventually, maybe in a couple years I can get my camera! : ) Works for me!

  1. Hi Monica!

    I KNOW! When Rob came back from the mall with the Santa pic this year, at first I was super excited because of how cute it turned out and then it hit me how much older he looked. Boo who is RIGHT! : (

    But on a funny note-- if you squint REALLY hard you may just be able to make out the gingerbread house (below the clock that's above our fireplace) that I was telling you about, LOL!!! ; )

    & Beth-- the little bows picture has always been one of my favorites of Connor, too! I dig it out every year and sob for at least three days straight after finding it! ; )

    Laurie & Danna-- Thanks for stopping by-- glad you enjoyed the post! : )

  1. kEllEy_G said...:

    He is getting more handsome every year...and all the memories you've made so far are priceless!! You're a great mama, Deb! Beautiful pictures...

  1. Thanks for the sweet comment Kel! : )