The Winning Three.

Thanks all for taking the time to vote (and making my life easier!). Based on all the votes, here are the final three that I decided to send out this year. ~ Deb


  1. Heard by God said...:

    Oh my word, no fair on the voting without the finals! hahaha -- just kidding -- what I mean is, ALL OF THESE are AWESOME! (I do not know why the word "are" didn't warrant all caps, so don't ask.) I absolutely love them all . . . each one tells something diff't about ole C-man, & I just love it. First one: it's like "As a matter of fact, I DO know I'm adorable & this candy cane hanging off my toe is clever, yes, thank you!" Second one: The wispy imagination jusssst starting out with an idea of what to do with the candy cane he holds. His feet dominate the picture in THE most cool way, while he is wrapped up in the tree as if the whole picture is one big Christmas ornament. LOVE it. Third one: Cuteness personified. Shrug, a little flirty, some pre-schooler teefies, lookin' almost elfish.

    Very nice, Deb -- I like the notion of not nailing yourself down to one final decision -- it's a great, liberating idea!!

  1. Heard by God said...:

    Ok, so number two is my fave.

  1. AW D! GREAT comment-- you made me have the hugest grin at 5:30 in the a.m... (which is not an easy task considering I am still tired and couldn't sleep)! Thanks for taking the time to comment, seriously-- I know how little free time you have.

    And p.s... I already put pic #2 in your card yesterday because I knew it was your fav! : D

  1. Liz said...:

    Wow, these are really adorable.

  1. Hi Liz!

    Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog. : )

    I just went to yours... you had me cracking up over the Nair story! : )

    ~ Deb T.

  1. Beth said...:

    I LOVE both 2 and 3, but I think I like 2 the best! It is just so sweet! You did an awesome job!