It's Tough Being Buttercup.


Poor Buttercup, never getting a moments peace. ; )

Video Clip... (involving the dreaded harmonica):

Tell me you're kidding... he's not going to start again, is he?
Thinking about howling.
Uh oh, here it comes...
... can't hold it...
What's so funny?
No really, I don't get it.


  1. Jen said...:

    I love the harmonica and the howling - perfect harmony!

  1. Heard by God said...:

    Love this of course -- cracked UP -- karis loves the pictures (not the movie for whatever reason? She kept saying GOODBYE & waving & trying to get me to turn it off) but she loved the pics -- "DOG. DOG. DOG."

    My fave though was the very end when all-boy Connor gave the harmonica a toss & caught it as he sauntered away. LOL

  1. Jennifer said...:

    Oh how I love the Buttercup series!! You know that picutes and videos of that dog are my!! I'm up in my office laughing so hard my cheeks hurt!! I LOVE THAT DOG