Hi All,

I know that there are a million "Getting to Know You" surveys floating out there in cyberspace but being that it's just about Thanksgiving, I thought it'd be fun to write up a quick "What I am Thankful For" list instead. So I'll start... here's my list (in no particular order!). ; )

1). Rob. I am thankful for Rob because he works (SLAVES) like a dog everyday to keep our family afloat. And even though he slaves everyday to keep our family afloat, he wants to make me happy so he offers to spend $150/week in order to rent my dream camera for me. Not for my birthday or for any particular reason. Just because. Just because he knows how much I love photography & how happy it'd make me. His thoughtful offer made me happier than the camera ever could.

...Okay, if that wasn't cheezy enough, here's some more..

2). Connor. Well, without Connor, I'd totally have to rethink the title of this website. Haha. Duh... (it's 2 a.m. folks, cut me some slack...) What I am most thankful for in regards to Connor is how looking at him forces me to see the world differently. He gives me a new perspective on life. Most importantly, his being here has taught me to focus on the important things and to be grateful for all the amazing gifts that I have already been given in this lifetime (him being the best gift of all).

... cheese cheese cheese, I know...

3). My Family. It's a commonly known fact that I am slightly insane... okay, maybe I just feel that ways sometimes. Who doesn't, right? The good thing about family is that they are slightly insane too. It's fun to get together with like-minded individuals who share the same type of insanity that one is afflicted with. It creates a strong bond that's hard to break... All I can say is "Thank God for family."

4). My Friends. Being a Stay-At-Home-Mom isn't the easiest thing in the world to be. It's not all about soap-opera watching, bon-bon eating, wonderfully relaxing glory-filled days. It's a tedious and thankless job. And though very rewarding, it's often a lonely job. My friends get me through the rough patches, plain and simple. Without their support I'd completely lose my few remaining cookies. ; )

That about sums it up for me. Of course I am grateful for a roof over my head, the car I drive, my smelly but loveable dogs, etc... but most importantly I am thankful for God because without Him, the above list wouldn't exist.

Oh yeah, I am also EXTREMELY thankful for the people who visit this website. Especially those people who take the time to comment.


So what are you thankful for & why? Please share. : )

~ Deb


  1. Heard by God said...:

    I teared up at your Rob one -- the whole list was wonderful to read, Deb!

    Typing w one hand, so will return when I have two for list!

  1. kEllEy_G said...:

    Aw this was a sweet post. Rob is a good hubby!!! :) I love the pics you took of Connor using his new paints. Is that with the camera? If so, it's amazing & I can see why you love it. If not, then are doing an amazing job with the camera you have already! :) You should put up a link to paypal so people can donate to your camera fund. :)

  1. sdudeman said...:

    wheres this survey???

  1. AW Danna! I know what you mean (about tearing up). Rob was at work when he made the offer/"go-ahead" to rent my dream camera... I was sitting at home pretty much stunned... I don't think he realized how special the offer really was to me... it literally blew me away.

    & Kel,

    Nope my dear, I am still using my trusty old camera. I couldn't justify spending $150/week on camera rental-- especially with Christmas coming right around the corner. But thank you for the compliments on my latest pic's! I recently stumbled across (thanks to Danna & her introduction to the Pioneer Woman website) some Photoshop tutorials that I have been experimenting with. So far I am pretty happy with most of the tips & tricks from the site.

    & I totally couldn't set up a PayPal for donations... I'd totally feel .... weird... SO ALAS.... I shall have to wait until I am back to work fulltime! ; ) Bummer, but such is life. & When you get a chance.... come back & fill out your "What I am Thankful For" list as well... you and your sis write so well, I look forward to reading your answer!

    & Sean,

    I didn't post one of the "Getting to Know You" surveys-- I figured that we'd all get to know eachother fairly well by what we write down on our "What We Are Thankful For" list... SO GET TO WRITING! : ) I look forward to reading your list...

  1. Linda G said...:

    I am thankful for so many things! And you as my niece is one of them. What a wonderful list!
    Love Ya

  1. Aw Linda, you are WAY too cute! Thanks for commenting! : ) Let me know when you start your blog-- I'm so excited!!!

  1. Heard by God said...:

    Here's an abbreviated list (to be continued/developed in my own blog at some future -- hopefully SOON-future -- date!):

    1) I am thankful for showers with my baby girl. They are one of my favorite things ever right now.

    2) I am thankful for a new perspective on life since last year at this time.

    3) I am thankful for your faithful friendship, Deb!

  1. YAY D!!! Can't wait to see your newest blog update! And ditto to #3 on your list. : )