For Daddy...


... because we really miss him when he's at work... : (
... so we shoveled the driveway for him so that he wouldn't have to do it later. : D
Not sure what' up with this face...
My snowy angel.
Being sassy about to throw snow at his poor, defenseless camera-wielding mother.
He makes looking innocent an art form. Don't let him fool you, he's about to slam me with all that snow, the turd.
Not sure what's up with this face either...
... or why his tongue is out in this one?
I may have over-bundled him a bit...
... ya think? ; )

View from our front window from when I first got up this a.m..

Video Clip of Connor making a snow angel. Brace yourself, it's a cute one.


  1. Heard by God said...:

    Awww, like Christmas card entire boxful of pictures here, woman! I can't watch the video yet b/c Karis is watching Veggie Tales on here. But Ah'll Be BAHCK.

  1. Ashley said...:

    He's getting so handsome!!! Not sure where that came from.... ;o)
    Why does the majority of Christmas songs sound so sad? Keep up the fun pics!!!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    What happened to the beautiful Fall trees? If Wisconsin would only stay like that, or Spring, I might be there now. It's in the 70s in AZ and just about perfect. Although the cold doesn't seem to bother Connor all that much. To be young again! Great photos. Love NeeNee

  1. kEllEy_G said...:

    Beautiful seeing it...IN PICTURES! :) It's gorgeous here...

  1. beth said...:

    I love all the pictures! I am so jealous of the snow! The picture out your window is beautiful! I want snow again :(

  1. Haha Danna a.k.a. "Arnold"...

    Oh no no NO! Not Christmas card pic's yet... must wait until we get a Christmas tree up so that I can do the infamous "Connor in front of the tree" shot, hee hee...

    & Ashely, my turd-a-licious friend... Rob and I often wonder if our child was switched at birth, LOL!!! ; ) I was going to make that apple crisp for when you and Joe came over tonight but after that comment all you'll be getting is turd-on-a-stick...

    & Nee Nee, It really isn't so bad here (yet) coldness-wise. It's actually kind of comfortable because the snow is insulating everything. It's so pretty, too. The only thing that I really don't like is the early sundown-- this "getting dark at 4:30 in the afternoon" thing is a major bummer!

    But OH MY GOODNESS!!! Can you believe you are less than a month away from your due date?!?!? If I'm wigging out I KNOW you have to be, too! I'm dying of anticipation over here... LOVE & MISS YOU!!! : )

    & Kel... I'm glad you are liking FL weather... It's so pretty here right now that I honestly wouldn't trade it for any other weather! I'm dying to take Connor sledding... SOON! : )

    AW Beth! I'd ship you some snow if I could! : (

  1. andrea said...:

    Try v 3 bw. Waht an angle, sticky feet and all.

    From Andrea