A Little Bit of This & That.


Some pic's from the last couple weeks. ~ Deb

** click on the images to see them larger... well, that is if you want to see them larger **

Using his new paints from Jenny, Rose & Collin. : )
Watching a squirrel through the patio doors.
Sassy little squirrel kept coming right up to the patio doors.
A "before and after" to demonstrate why I love Photoshop so darn much. ; )
Practicing his letter tracing.
He was acting a bit "off" during this visit... not quite himself. The next morning he woke up with a rotten chest cold. He still is sick with it, in fact : (
Opening his Birthday gift from Grandma Jo. : )


  1. kEllEy_G said...:

    I think you are meant to homeschool Mom Deb. ;) You are doing such a great job with Connor. He would flourish at home, me thinks. But that's totally your decision obviously. HAHAA!!

    And golly...I wish I weren't colorblind. I can see the difference between the photoshopped pics, but I could never get it there...boo!!

  1. ACK! No homeschooling shall ever take place in this household! But thanks for the compliment regardless! I definitely do NOT have the intestinal fortitude to take homeschooling on, props to you folks who have the skill & patience for it... plus Connor is craving more social interation... I know that he is more than ready for school and our public school system out here is awesome.

    You may be colorblind but your pic's always turn out great! : )

  1. Anonymous said...:

    from spiderman to snow angle?
    From Andrea

  1. Haha Andrea! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving! : )

    ~ Deb