From Superhero to Snowlump.


Thanks Cai for the great gift!

As you can see, it's quite a success. Up UP AND AWAY!
Pointing to something he needs to go "save."
He takes his job VERY seriously.
Me and the Snowlump in the backyard today.
Jumping lump...
Squinting lump...
Happy lump...
Evil chihuahua staring at me from inside the house.
... back to the lump. Trudging lump...
... trudge...
... trudge...
... trudge... * SIGH *
... WHEW! Made it back up to the house. : )
Random pond shot.

Video clip of my very own Superhero, a.k.a "SUPERLUMP." ; )


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Looks like he's having fun. Very nice pictures. Laurie

  1. Anonymous said...:

    How adorable! And what a great photo of the two of you. Just what I was looking for. Miss you all,
    Love NeeNee

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Good thing you bought that fab jacket this weekend, and those waterproof boots, they certainly do the trick for outdoor rompage with the clump. Love the super hero video, must have kept him busy for awhile!
    Guess who?

  1. Hi Laurie! Thanks for stopping by. He DID have fun-- that boy loves the snow. : )

    & Nee Nee-- All RIGHT already, I'll send you a pic of Connor and I-- what size do you need? And I miss you too!

    & Mom-- Of course I know it's you-- you are the only one who's ever said "Guess who" when you leave a comment! And I LOVE my new jacket & boots, they are awesome! : )

  1. Heard by God said...:

    That first pic . . . if I'd seen it somewhere, I would've said, "I don't know who that kid is." Well, & even in your blog I gotta say, "I don't know who that kid is." LOL -- seriously, why keep a pic that looks like that? I don't see C-man anywhere!

    THe rest of these . . . WOW, Deb, did he grow up overnight??? I know he's been changing a lot recently, but seriously, he looks like a 4 yr old boy totally headed to growin' on up.

    Love the lump commentary . . . cracked me up. And evil chihuahua, HAH!

    "Is zat a big chjump?" AWWWWWW!! Big grin here.

    Too much sweet, Deb!!!! :o)

    Kelli said, "Sooo cuuuuute."

  1. Haha D-- You are SO right about the first pic-- Rob saw it this morning and was like "That's a TERRIBLE pic of him!" I just had to laugh because it IS a rotten pic of him! I should totally get rid of it and probably will... : ) Something about the weirdness of it appeals to me for the moment, though.

    And yeah, he DOES look older all of a sudden. : (

  1. Jennifer said...:

    EVIL! I so know what you mean when they give you "that look"!