Morning at the Museum.


We went to the Milwaukee Public Museum this morning-- it was Connor's first time there. He LOVED it. There were a couple scary parts... the dark jungle, the huge dinosaurs, the butterfly room (he's not too fond of flying insect's--they freak him out) but he managed to overcome his fear and ended up really enjoying himself. I was pretty surprised that he even went into some of the more "intimidating" areas... he just kept saying "It's not real, it's pretend." What a big boy-- I'm so proud of him. A couple times, in the scarier areas, he'd take Nanna's hand and all was well after that. He especially liked seeing all the animals up close, even the bugs (the dead ones enclosed safely behind glass, that is. Ha). We heard a lot of "What's this?!?!?!" and "What's THAT?!?!" So much fun to see everything through new eyes. What a neat morning. : )

~ Deb

** click on the images to see them larger... the butterfly's are so neat close-up! **

In the butterfly room. Alas, there are no picture's of Connor with a butterfly. I consider it a success that we even got him to stay in the room, though! ; )
Nanna's friend that stayed on her pretty much the whole time we were in the room. : )
This one cracks me up.
BFF's? His expression is priceless...he's totally leary of the statue, for whatever reason. ; )
Pretending to be a butterfly...
... and flying. He's too cute.
He grabbed Nanna's hand in this dark area.
In an igloo.
No idea why he's standing like this. ; )


  1. Nana said...:

    The pics turned out great, I didn' think they'd be so clear considering the lighting in there! The bear pics look like there's a real bear right behind him. Hope Connor liked the butterfly sucker, he was probably surprised that it was chewy. Was a fun time, you learn something new
    every time you go there.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I love the museum! Looks like you all had a fun time. I so agree with Connor - flying bugs can be kind of creepy. Hope your Easter went well too.
    Love NeeNee
    Great photos by the way.

  1. Danna said...:

    Oh MY WORD! KELLEY???? Do we or do we not have that place memorized???! I was ROLLING at some of those b/c I totally remember being there a hundred times! The igloo & Indians & the buffalo scene with the bow & arrow that always disturbed me terribly. HAHAHAH!!

    Deb, these are so great! I'm glad you guys had fun, & I hope you don't mind my cackling hysteria over here at all the memories that place has for me!!

  1. Hi Mom--

    Yeah, I'm surprised that so many of the pic's turned out, too. My favorite of the bunch is the one of you holding the butterfly. The bear pic's totally crack me up... the 1st one looks like the bear is sneaking up on him & the 2nd one looks like he just noticed he's being followed, hee hee!

    & Nee Nee--

    And usually ALL bugs creep me out... well, except for the butterfly (but then again, when you look close enough at a butterfly, their faces are definitely weird & creepy). Ah well, they are pretty enough to be cute in their own way, though! : )

    & Danna--

    I'm glad you got a laugh out of the pics... cackle away my dear, cackle away! Someday we should take all of our kids there together... should prove interesting trying to herd all of them together!!! And just think, 20 years down the road our kids will all say "I remember the igloo & Indians & the buffalo scene with the bow & arrow that always disturbed me terribly..." HEE HEE!!

    ~ Deb

  1. KJ said...:

    Hah...I looked at these the other day & forgot to comment, but mine would have been one similar to Danna's! We did go there often, & loved it too! I would love going back, & from your pics I think we will next time we're in town.