Writing His First Word.

Well, today was the first time Connor wrote his first word (YAY!). He's been able to write some letters pretty randomly here and there... nothing ever close to a recognizable word. Today, he was scribbling and said. "Look! I'm writing your name!" Well, it was just a scribble so I sat down and showed him the correct way to write "Mom." Before today, he could never put the letters right next to one another (he'd write the letters, but never in order or near one another). Anyways, something must have clicked in his brain today because I only had to show him once and he just "got it" immediately. SO exciting to see!!! I'm so proud of him!!! : )

~ Deb

Writing "Mom"


  1. KJ said...:

    Deb, you're SUCH a great mama!! He is doing wonderful!!! :)

    I've been praying about the house...don't get worked up about it. Everything will be fine. It's so much fun once all the paperwork is signed & done...then you can start moving in to your very own place! How exciting!!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Deb, that looks like brain washing! Just kidding, what a good job Conner!