These Thing's Happen...


... when you have a houseful of boys.

Poor Buttercup.

She's a real trooper.

Whether she wants to be...

... or not.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Pretty funny Deb!
    BTW, when did you start wearing Superman undies?

  1. Oh how I WISH I could fit into those tiny things!

    Er, maybe not, though, because then my hiney would be quite disproportionate in comparison to the rest of my body, ha! ; )

  1. Michelle said...:

    I know a little boy who would DIE for those undies - LOVE the cooperative pooch!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    My favorite is the first one with Buttercup's tongue hanging out!
    HOw on earth did you get her to put those on and manage to get her to sit still?

  1. Haha Michelle-- I swear our 5 yr old really believes he IS Spiderman! I wish I could tell you where they came from but they were a Christmas gift... I'm thinking maybe Target or Kohl's. : )

    And thanks for stopping by my blog & commenting!

    ~ Deb

  1. Wowzers Mom-- we are on the Connor site at exactly the same moment-- weird!

    Buttercup is old and gimpy-- she'll pretty much sit ANYWHERE without moving (for days, if need be) if you say "stay." : )