The Pioneer Woman (see my Links section) gifted all her readers again with another amazing photo to download. I wanted to see it in sepia so I did a quick tweak in Photoshop. Thanks PW! Here's her original photo:


And here's the sepia version.

Horses copy

Thanks for taking a look, and thanks again to PW for the amazing photo. : )

~ Deb


  1. Anonymous said...:

    I LOVE it, Deb! It looks like a movie backdrop or something romantic/old-timey like that.

  1. Thanks D! And can I just say-- I love the word(s) "old-timey!?" : D

  1. I am going to use this as my wallpaper. Thanks for the different view.

  1. That's great Linda, YAY! Glad you like it! : )

    & Thanks for taking the time to visit & comment. : )

  1. Liz said...:

    That's LOVELY!!!

    Just found your blog from PDub's. Cute family (and pup!).


  1. Thanks Liz! Gotta love ya some PW! : )

    Thanks for stopping by & the kind words! Take care and come again,

    ~ Deb

  1. StacyD said...:

    Horses are so timeless, i like how you show that! Linked over from PW, you've been baby wrangling too! Good job!

  1. Michelle said...:

    You know, I would never have thought of redoing her free downloads. Great idea!

  1. Thanks Michelle-- I just hope I haven't offended her in any way. I just really love sepia & black/ white images. : )