LOOK! It's a bird!
Up in the Sky

It's a plane!
Super Hero1

It's SUPER-SPIDER-PIRATE-COWBOY-MAN!!! (He has a bit of a "Super Hero Identity Crisis." Or maybe he just likes to be well prepared?). : /

Faster than a speeding bullet (snail)...
Faster than a speeding_bullet

Faster than a speeding_bullet2

... able to pull weeds in a single tug...
Pickin' Weeds2

... okay, maybe two tugs...
Pickin' Weeds

... three tugs, TOPS.
On the ground

Well shucks, ma'am... tweren't nuthin' at all.
Well Shucks

Guardian of the new swingset...
On Guard

Don't let your guard down even for a minute, boy...
On Guard3

"I SEE SUMTHIN' MA!!!" (FYI-- today was trash pick-up day and there happened to be a random foam thingy blowing across the neighbor's yard). On Guard2

To the RESCUE!

"HAHAHAHA, false alarm. Had you worried for a minute though, didn't I?"
Little handsome hero

I've got my eye on you, missy. Better watch yer step...
Eyeballin' me from his perch

... because I've got SKILLS.
Super Hero2

And don't you forget it. (No matter how cute I am). * Insert Snicker Here *
Always My Baby


  1. Anonymous said...:

    That first one is unREAL!! I just keep staring at it -- WOW, Deb!!! Ryan loved it too -- he kept yelling, "It's SUPERMAN!!!!!!!"

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Love the weeds-single-tug one too --

    Like blogger better when i can comment in a separate screen so can see post as commenting -- sorry so short, nursing at keyboard

  1. Aw shucks-- tweren't nuthin' ma'am. Hee Hee!

    Seriously though-- the first pic was the one I was talking about earlier-- I couldn't believe how lucky I got w/ the shot. Connor was only jumping of this short, stumpy rock when I snapped the pic-- talk about catching the exact right moment at the exact right time. I don't think I'd ever be able to duplicate it again! Glad you liked it and how cute is it that Ryan liked it too?! I'm going to tell C first thing in the morning-- it's totally going to make his day that another little boy thinks he's Superman. : D

    I will fix my commenting section so that it will be a pop-up screen-- hopefully that will help. : )

  1. tracy@monarch said...:

    Love the bright beautiful color in these photos. This captures life as a boy perfectly. Beautiful!