See this face, this is a face full of poise, charisma... maturity.


Now this face? This face is, is... I'm not sure what to call this face.


And MERCY. This face just screams CRAZY.

And see my sweet, innocent child, seemingly unaffected by the happenings going on around him?Connor_Deceivingly-Normal-Moment

Oh, but wait. Wait for it...

Something appears to be happening here... Connor_Silly-Face

And there it is. Crazy #2. Meat_Face



You've GOT to be kidding me.


He's thinking he's REAL cute right about now. Meat_Face4

Well, I know Nanna won't allow these shenannigans to carry on much longer. She's going to set that boy straight. Right?


What? Is there something on my face?

Aw, this is a special moment. Connor went to "Build a Bear" and got this sweet little fellow. He happens to be a monkey dressed as Batman. Nanna, being the monkey-lover that she is, decided to plant a special little kiss on Connor's new toy. Mom_Silly-Face_Kissing-BatMonkey

Hmmm, that's odd. Why is she giggling like that?

Oh. I see. For shame naughty Nanna, for shame.

P.S... Maturity is highly overrated.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Couldn't stop the laughing! Absolutely too funny. I'm just not so sure your Mother is going to appreciate it as much as the rest of us. Uncle Bill thought it was hilarious too. Love you guys! NeeNee

  1. kEllEy_G said...:

    I agree with NeeNee -- HILARIOUS post!! And beautiful first pic of your mom -- she'll forgive you for the rest b/c of that one. ;o)

    I LOL'd at the monkey tail . . . ahhhhhhh hahahaha :o)

    ~ This is Danna, signed in under Kelley this time -- I never know WHO is going to be signed in on this community comp!!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    It's getting mighty dangerous going out with a certain someone and her sidekick, plus a camera lately. How could you take advantage of a post surgery, weakened victim like moi? And regarding the monkey tail, I was just appreciating and appreciating its lovely superhero monkey arched design plus its furriness! And don't forget it!
    Your mature mother

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I love the photo's Deb. And yes, Judy you could use the post surgery excuse for your fits of giggles. But we all know your true intention and your love of the monkey kingdom! Deb, someday the camera needs to be turned on you! I just wonder what faces you came up with inocent one!!!!

  1. Haha Nee Nee--I can totally imagine you sitting there giggling away-- I miss hearing your laugh! I'm glad this post gave you a chuckle. : ) Mom is a good sport-- she new EXACTLY what she was getting into, I mean I warned her as I was snapping away that the pic's would eventually make it to my blog. But you know her-- she kept up the crazy faces. She's hilarious. : )

    & Danna--The monkey tail (poop in disguise) provided us with many a giggle.

    & Mom--WHATEVER! Your body may have been weakened but your mind was as sharp as a tack! And you KNOW you love it, you really do. ; P

    & Linda--NEVER shall I turn the camera on myself, that's why I have a blog to hide behind, hee hee! I shall save the world from that particular horror, HA.

  1. Melanie said...:

    Hi! I found your site via a comment you left on PW's site. I saw you live in WI, so I followed your link. I live in WI, too!

    Like you, I love photography and taking pictures! I have a 35mm SLR, but sadly the film door latch broke. I tried taping it shut with duct tape (LOL), but the tape stretched and still let light in, exposing the film :(

    Just this last Christmas I got my first digital camera, not a digital SLR (which I drool over), but one that does allow some manual settings. Someday I want to take a class to learn more about lighting and aperture size, shutter speed, etc. For now I play around with what I have.

    Your pictures are beautiful. I will definitely be back!

  1. Hi Melanie--

    Thanks for stopping by & commenting!

    That's stinks about your camera-- maybe instead of duct tape try using some black electrical tape? Just a thought...

    I had been using an old point & shoot for the longest time and just this past Christmas my husband surprised me with my D80 (which he knew I'd been lusting after for ages!). Best Christmas gift I've ever received! : )

    So what part of WI are you from?

    ~ Deb

  1. Melanie said...:

    Deb, I'm in SE WI. You're welcome to email me at :)