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Down by the  lake

So it seems as if Spring has arrived. I say this tentatively in fear of jinxing myself. I took these few pictures down by the lake. Down by the lake2

All was going well. It was a gorgeous, balmy 50 degree day. Pure Sass

Until we came across the Infamous Picnic Table of Doom. Let's just say Connor has become slightly more accident prone as of late. Infamous Picnic Table of Doom

This is his now infamous "shiner" after falling face first on the seat of the picnic table. Infamous Picnic Table of Doom Ouchy

This has nothing to do with Connor. I just thought it looked nifty. Porch

This is my Mom's 4lb alien dog, and Connor's new BFF. Alien Dog

And this is just a bird feeder. I like it & thought it deserved some recognition. Bird Feeder

Connor chilling after a busy day (week, month, year) of doing this... Couch

... it's a rough life but someone's gotta do it. Bike

Now that the weather is a little nicer (meaning above freezing), the boys can finally get outside and do all sorts of manly things. Like play baseball. Baseball with Daddy

Baseball with Daddy2

Baseball with Daddy4

Baseball with Daddy3

And basketball. Nice shiner, I know. I actually cringe when I look at it so I tried to Photoshop it out in the next picture. ; ) Basketball


Connor's first ATV ride. Yes, I realize that's Eric Bana's head on Rob's body. Why, you ask? Because Rob hates his picture taken as much as I do mine, and FORGET about posting full on head shots. So I decided to super-impose this fine gentleman's head on Rob's body rather than cropping all the pictures. Not that I wish my husband was Eric Bana, or that I'm some sort of "Banatic" (yes, like fanatic) or anything. (Okay OKAY, yes I AM a "Banatic", I really, really am!!! I feel better for getting that off my chest... kind of like when I admitted to liking liver sausage). ; ) Eric Bana

Eric Bana2





ATV5 Getting Down

ATV5 Getting Down2

ATV5- Getting Down3

Thanks Cousin Monica, Aunt Brenda & Uncle Jim for the cool St. P's Day card & stickers! : )


And that Folks, is a wrap.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Just saw your pics of the domes and now your latest bathch. Soooo many good photos! Love the birdfeeder shot. You're wonderful even if you like liver sausage. Ack! Hope Connor's shiner is getting better. Those boys tend to get clumsy right around this age. Love and miss you all - say hi to you mom for me. NeeNee

  1. Hi Auntie Nee Nee!

    I've been thinking of you lately-- glad you stopped by! : ) And I love that you like my lowly little bird-feeder shot... sometimes I smack myself for taking such randomly weird pictures but I just can't seem to help myself.

    And how's that peanut of yours? Our hearts are breaking here in WI from lack of pictures of her... it's been FOREVER... * HINT *

    Give her a big ol' smooch from us! Miss & Love ya!

    ~ D

  1. Heard by God said...:

    #12 Fave fave fave -- HUGE fave!!!!!!!!!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Love these latest pics! YOu've got to get one of the alien dog with Connor, I think he'd like it!
    Very funny Eric B. face over Rob's - that's hilarious!

  1. Aw, glad you like it D! : ) Just curious why so much?

    & Mom,

    Rob laughed at the Eric B. picture's as well! He thought it was pretty funny...

  1. Rick G said...:

    Hahahaha!! I lol for real at some of your captions. Oh how I miss laughing with you. :)

    Looks like the pond is really high up? Is it?? And Connor's it all better now? I love the porch picture. Could be in a magazine...and so could the bird feeder one. Have you ever thought of contacting or sending your pics in to magazines? Surely Reiman Publications in Greenfield has ones you could send your pics in should check it out.

  1. Rick G said...:

    Whoops....didn't realize I was signed in as! Sorry. :)

  1. Deborah said...:

    Aw Kel-- I miss laughing with you too! Been thinking of you & your sis a ton lately... seriously seriously SERIOUSLY when are coming to WI again? It's been too long... : (

    And thanks for the ego boost-- I'll definitely look into what you said about the magazine(s)! : )

  1. Oops! I published under my gmail account rather than yahoo, HA!

  1. Stephanie said...:

    Great photos! That one of the porch and rocking chairs is calling my name. It's desperate for me to come sit down with a good book and relax!

  1. Haha Stephanie-- you summed up the feeling of that picture perfectly! : )

  1. Pearl said...:

    oh my gosh - is he the most adorable or what? wow you are an incredibly talented photographer. seriously.

  1. Aw thanks Pearl-- you are so sweet! I feel like I have so much more to learn photography-wise... I look at some of the stuff out there from other photographers & am completely blown away. But the process is fun, addictive and I really do love it. : )

    And my little stinker is a doll- a turd, but a doll too. :P

  1. Heard by God said...:

    Connor's face mainly -- the subject matter of "a boy & his dad playing catch" obviously is huge, but the way you captured the AWE that a boy has in the presence of his dad is just incredible, Deb!!

  1. Hi Danna Dear-- OH! I counted the pic's wrong-- I thought you were originally talking about the pic where C's eyes were shut & he missed catching the ball, lol!

    But thank you for explaining anywho! ; P