He's Shy.


Can't you tell? : /

He usually runs when he notices me taking out the camera nowadays...

...but today he was in rare form.

Not sure if it was because he was running around in his underwear...

... that made him less inhibited... ha.

But this is definitely the Connor that I can never seem to catch on film... until now.

The sassy one...

... and the silly one.

Because you've all seen the nice one. And that's old news. But here's one more sweet one for the road.


  1. Heard by God said...:

    Very silly post -- I chuckled a couple times & grinned the whole time! And what a cutie shot to end with too!!

  1. Thanks my dear! He was in a bit of a mood yesterday... I was giggling myself the whole time I was taking pic's... must be the freedom he was feeling in his underwear!

    And please pay no attention to the pastiness of my child... I promise I don't keep him locked in the basement. Well, we don't have a basement but even if we did I wouldn't lock him in it. Now I'm rambling, sorry. But anywho-- can't wait until I can get my sickly white looking boy back into the sun for some color. Sheesh. It's been a long winter here in glorious Wisconsin.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Very cute and silly once again cabin fevered inspired moods, no doubt! You should get a few pics of Connor's jello/whip cream eating faces he makes, which could only add to the silliness, especially while he's wearing his construction worker hat. He loves his jello!

  1. Charleen said...:

    Precious! They grow up way too fast, enjoy every minute. It is so great to catch them at moments when they are willing to act like "themselves"!