To Laugh or Cringe...



That is the eternal question posed to parent's throughout the ages.

This, to me, is funny... Funny

... as is this. Funny 2

"No really folks, I'm okay... nothing to see here, move along please." No Really Folks I'm Okay

I'm thinking this is pretty funny, too... Funny 3

... this too. Funny 4

Now this one? I'm never sure whether I should laugh or cringe. Is the human body supposed to bend that way? Funny 5

This one is clearly funny... what's up with that face? Funny 6

This one had me laugh out loud. I'm not sure what's more funny... Connor in the background or the facial expression of the kid in the front. Funny & More-Funny

Funny 7

I'd pay a million dollars to know what's running through that busy little brain of his. What's Going Through That Brain?

Now this picture had me rolling... all the kids at Monkey Joe's are somewhat "weary" of the giant costumed monkey. Just look at the face on that thing and how he's scoping out my poor child. You just know Connor's thinking, "He's right behind me, isn't he." He's Behind Me, Isn't He?

But all is well, because good ol' Mom does what she does best... I "encourage" my brave little son to push away his fear by making him pose for a picture with his purple adversary. Doesn't he look thrilled? ** DISCLAIMER-- NO CHILDREN WERE TRAUMATIZED IN THE MAKING OF THIS PHOTO. I think. ** B_F_F's

Here he's openly admiring the freaky monkey, from a safe distance of course. Staring at the Freaky Monkey

And here are the normal pic's of the bunch. Thought I'd throw in a few. Slide Happiness

Driving Sweetness


Driving Sweetness2

Driving Sweetness3

This is my reward for braving the intimidating crowds at Monkey Joe's... a pooped out, completely exhausted and ready to nap child. Pooped Out



  1. Heard by God said...:

    Loved this whole post -- the commentary is such an asset, love it!

    Cracked right up in a few spots, but my fave was the "he's right behind me, isn't he?" one. hahahahah!!

  1. kEllEy_G said...:

    Yes...totally agree with my sis. The monkey is CREEPY!! LOL!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Very cute facial expressions (and comments). You can almost imagine what's going on in their minds. The only good thing about that giant monkey is that it's purple.
    They need a little person to be the monkey, it would be way less intimidating. Would that be discriminatory?? (or maybe too much like the monkeys in the Wizard of Oz?) I know, weird thoughts as usual. Guess who?

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I love Monkey Joes! And as a Grandma you can still go down the slides if you talk the child into looking fearfull after they have gone down the slides a hundred times!!

  1. Haha Linda, admit it-- you go to Monkey Joe's even when you're by yourself! : )