Practice Makes...


 Geese 1

... for some really trippy photography. No folks, don't worry. These geese really aren't flying through any electrical wires.

Geese 2

The moon was freakishly bright last night. I had the smart idea to scuttle outside at 6 a.m. this morning & take a picture of that freakishly bright moon. Butt Crack o' Dawn & the Moon

This one is just... trippy. The Curtain

Notice the holstered gun tucked into his pants-- what a boy. My Boy

This one is trippy because he lookes like a Rob clone. Shadows on Face

These ones aren't trippy in the least... I just liked them. With Daisy 2

With Daisy

Close Up


These suckers have been sitting on our patio since fall. Gords from Last Fall

And this one just feels like Wisconsin. Dirty Salty Icy Truck


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Interesting new pics, Deb. Have you changed the colors, they seem darker. The one of Connor that looks like Rob is very eerie, it looks like half of his face is older than the other half. I like the outdoor one with the moon, very cool!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Love the new camera, makes me want a new one for Christmas. I think I still need to learn the one I have! Conner is growing up so fast. He looks more like a little man.

  1. Hi Mom!,

    Nope, haven't changed the colors. The geese pics look dark because I shot the pics before sunrise on the way home work one morning... not sure about the other pics, though. I've noticed that the computer monitor I'm using now makes the pics appear a LOT lighter when I am working on them so I probably have a tendency to save them too dark. It's really tough trying to judge colors & contrast with this monitor-- it's not very good quality but it will have to do! ; ) You all will have to let me know if the pics are too dark to see so that I can start saving them lighter.

    & Hi Linda!,

    This camera is amazing but I still have so much more to learn about it as well... you should see the camera guide thingy that came with it... it's like an encyclopedia! Intimidating at times but really fun too. Most days I feel like a 2 yr old trying to do algebra!

    & Connor IS growing up... TOO FAST. Bittersweet. : /

  1. Heard by God said...:

    I came on via my phone last night so couldn't comment but saw your mom's comment & went to look at the photos in the light of "eerie" & I totally got creeped out. Amazing the power of diff't perspectives & lighting. I got like a Flatliners flash -- the boy who wears the hood & is running by the trees in the field?

    Really awesome pics -- the one with the moon & the building & pond . . . holy moley, girl! You are REALLY Talented!

  1. Haha D-- I have never seen that movie but now am very curious about it! I'm thinking a bunch of these last pic's I posted are somewhat eerie... I must have been in a mood. And I'm totally suprised that you guys like that moon shot-- it was probably my least fav of the bunch! I seriously almost put a caption under it that said "Not something that one would want to hang over their bed" because I thought it was kind of boring. Weird! But you are right about all the different perspectives... I LOVE that everyone can see something different... : )

  1. Heard by God said...:

    the geese ones ones too -- totally forgot to say before -- I looked & LOOOOOKED at those on my phone b/c I was like "OH MY WORD, WHAT??" LOL -- trippy is a good word for those!!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    You are no doubt a talented one. Hmmm - my favorites are: the moon, the geese (very cool by the way or as you say trippy), and of course the ones of Connor. Oh, and the license plate one and the one of the thing on your porch, and, and and...
    Love ya,

  1. Nicole said...:

    Hi. I found you on Pioneer Woman. I love to take pics too.

    Just wanted to note that I love the pic of your son with curtains and blinds, the one of him with his face touching the dog, and the one of the leaf. They look very professional. I'm really new to photography and am totally loving it. I guess what mom doesn't love taking pics of their kids.

    :) Nicole -

  1. Hi Nicole,

    Thanks for stopping by & commenting! I'm heading over to check your site out now! : )

    ~ Deb