Hello Randomness...



Just thought I'd share a few random photo's of our now dead tree... just on the off chance you all enjoy randomy pictures as much as I do. Is "randomy" even a word?

** Click on the images if you care to see more detail. You'll be redirected to Flickr where there will be a magnifying glass above the picture. Click it folks, because beauty is in the details. ; ) **

So here we've got a little bit of this... Funky

... and a little bit of that... Pieces2

... and more of this... Closeup4

... with a dash of HUH? Closeup3


It was a good tree but it had to go. Its time had come. It was about to crash on our roof. Trunk




The End.



  1. Anonymous said...:

    Bottom one very awesome -- made me look & loooook!

  1. Hee hee, that bottom one was a total accident... I wasn't even thinking of the weirdness of it until I was looking at it in Photoshop.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I love these nature-ish tree pics. As one ponders the life of a tree, each image causes the viewer to stop and reflect on what the tree has given to us, and what we should be giving to its kind, and other living creatures. A tree is truly a special gift of mother nature, and should be appreciated in life, and in death.

    One who takes time to reflect....

  1. Haha Mom,

    I KNOW it's you who left the latest comment. You've got a certain writing style, hee hee! You ain't foolin' me babycakes.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    LOL @ your mom!!! By the way, I have NO idea what this blogger name I'm always under is. It goes to NOTHING. The one theory I have is that Kelli tried to log into her email once a long time ago when she was first new on the comp & somehow created some non-log-in log-in. Whatever. I'm too lazy to log myself in instead of her any more, which is what I used to do.