Just some random pic's from the farewell party for Sean and Dave. Sean_Window

These two knuckleheaded cousins had the wise idea to sign up together. They do, however, have the perks of not only training together, being in the same unit together but also going to Iraq together and being able to look out for one another. ** Just kidding about the knucklehead thing. I'm really proud of the two of them. ** 3_Amigo's


The Huolihan Clan, take 1.Huoli-Clan_Take1

Take 2.Huoli-Clan_Take2


Cousin Cassy putting the boys to shame with her shot drinking abilities.3_Shot_Amigos


Sean may have been a wee bit tipsy at this point. Sean_Kel

And here as well, ha. Sean_Linda_Jeremy

Amanda was the DD-- you can tell how happy she is about it, too.Amanda

Doing what they do best... being dorks. ; PCousins_Being_Dorks

You gotta' love Seamus. You just have to... it's the law.Seamus2


And look at this girl cut some rug. Very talented for someone so young!Shannon_Jammin

And her Mom is pretty darn good, too.Kitty_Flipping_Shannon

Well, Cassy has some of her own fancy moves as well. Speaking of Cousin Cassy...Cassy_Shannon_Dancing

... this tiny girl can hold her OWN...Cassy

... and she likes cameras almost as much as I do...Cassy_and_the_camera

... and she's a blast to be around, with or without Lemon Drops. : )Cassy_Amanda

This fellow isn't so bad, either... and his girlfriend baked & decorated American flag cookies for the party- she's a doll. It's the first time I've ever wanted to cry looking at cookies. Chris_and_girlfriend

Now these two are trouble. Just kidding! They are Dave's folks (as well as Chris & Jeremy's). Linda_Jerry

Here's Shannon again. I was regretting not having Connor there at the time seeing that there were a couple other kids his age but now I'm glad we didn't bring him...Shannon_Darts

... because though we didn't know it at the time he had Croup & that would have sucked had we brought that happy little bit of yuck to share with everyone at the party.Croupy Kid

Here's another couple trouble makers. ; ) Jess_&_Granny

This little guy could pack away cherries like Cassy could Lemon Drops, hee hee! Damen_and_Cherries

These two are just way too cute together.Amanda_Sean

This picture gave me the chills. Eerie. Eerie

This one made all my hair stand on end. Sorry Mom, had to do it.Mom_and_Her_Mouth_Monster

This last one is of just "Us."Our_Family

Sean & Dave, if you get the chance to read this, we'll miss you & be thinking of you and I promise to send copies of these pic's once we get your address in Iraq. Take Care & Love.

~ The Huolihan Clan ~


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Love 99% of the pics, and you know what I'm talking about-you buttery nippler drinker! The turned out extremely well, cuz of the amazing camera and picture take that you are! That was an eerie pic, I totally agree. Some day I'll give you the real wet tongue lashing that you so thoroughly deserve! Hee Hee!
    Guess Who??

  1. Anonymous said...:

    You are the photo queen! These are amazing. Once you get the address for Sean pass it along. Buttery nipples? Did "Guess Who" join you? I would have loved a picture of the both you doing that. Will you email me the tongue one. It's priceless. Love NeeNee

  1. Whoa! You are a photographer extraordanaire! You and PW must be related. I love her stuff. That's how I found you. After my daily fix of her I sometimes wander around looking for other fun or interesting sites.

    Fun to find you!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Deb! I love the photo's as well as the comentary that went with them. I'm going to miss our boys too! They better hurry home safe, so we can party again!! Signed... Number One Trouble Maker!!

  1. You got that right #1 trouble maker... a.k.a. Aunt Linda! : )

    & Mom, You KNOW you are proud of your tongue... why else would you go to such great lengths when you stick it out?!?! Get it? "Great lengths"? HAHAHAHAHAH.

    & Nee Nee, yep, my mom did try a buttery nipple but alas, it wasn't for her. So I of course did my duty & finished it off for her. ; )

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I looked at the last name and the weird thing is, mine is HOUlihan, not HUOlihan, weird, huh?