Couple more house pic's.


Hi Guys, Just a couple more house pic's for all of you who asked! We still don't really have many pictures on the walls or knick-knacks out but the painting in the living area is pretty much done. ~ Deb

A little naked but freshly painted dining area.
I'm happy with the way the paint looks against the stone.
And this room I am terming "the cave." This is our bedroom that needs to eventually be painted. The prior owners painted it super dark... too dark for us. ; )

That's it for now!


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Wow! Will you come and decorate my house? As soon as I win the lottery. The house looks wonderful. Miss you all a lot. Love NeeNee

  1. Aw Nee Nee,

    You are TOO sweet! I'd love to come decorate your house, anytime! And trust me, you definitely don't need to win the lottery... we're on a strict budget ourselves... getting just the bare essentials (essentials meaning paint... almost everything else is just stuff we've gathered over the years. The dining furniture was left to us by the prior owner so we lucked out there, especially since it matches with our other stuff). But anyway, I love decorating... Connor's "big boy" room is next on my agenda... going to be a dinosaur theme, I already have the paint picked out... should be cute! And seriously, why does paint have to be so flippin' expensive?!?!? I seriously cringe everytime I go to Home Depot now!

    Miss you a lot too and wish you could come for a visit... are you officially off for the summer now?

    ~ Deb

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Hello Debbie,
    Connor is such a cutie pie. I too, am a Spiderman fan so we'd get along great. How old is he now? Other than the flooding, I hope everyone is doing great. Can you say hi to everyone for me?

    Arkansas Joe

  1. Holy Cow JOE!!!

    How are you-- it's so great to hear from you!!! How have you been-- I'll absolutely say hello to everyone for you! : ) Thanks for stopping by our site-- we always think about all of you and wonder how you guys are doing-- it really is great to hear from you. It's been WAY too long. Congrat's to you and your wife, too-- I'd love to see some pic's pf your little girl. Take care Joey (had to say it... that's what cousin's are for, hee hee!). ~ Deb

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Lol... I don't hear "joey" too often. We're doing great. I am still with Wal-Mart and Julie is still cutting hair. We have a ton of Brooklynn pictures. She is growing so fast, it's crazy.

    Arkansas Joe(y)

  1. Ha, well you know, you will ALWAYS be Joey to me-- I can't even help it, it just pops into my mind immediately when I think of you! So there's no escaping it. ; )

    So if you have a ton of pictures, SEND some for goodness sake!

    Now get going!