Starting to feel like home.


Hi Folks,

Finally got the internet up and running. The last week has been filled with many things... mainly painting (poor Rob) and cleaning. The prior owner of the house hadn't really been living here for a while and the dirt just piled up... outside and inside. So between painting, Rob has been clearing out the yard of junk and overgrowth. Last week I had to spend cleaning our old apartment to get it ready for the new tenants. Not fun but at least it's done!

The living room here is pretty much done being painted, the kitchen as well. I took a couple pictures of the progress. We still haven't had time to hang our pictures & wall decor junk (and I still am on the hunt for curtains!). Anyway, here's how it looks now... about 85 percent finished. ~ Deb

In the beginning, there was beige.... and lots of it. ; P
Even the ceiling was beige, now it's back to white.
After YEARS of white walls, finally some color. ; )
Furniture just put in.
Starting to feel like home.
Picture taken in the evening, right around sunset.
The doggie's & Connor enjoying the warmth of a sunbeam-- it's been chilly here lately.

Well, that's one room down, only a million more to go! : )


  1. KJ said...:

    Oh Deb!! It looks absolutely fabulous already. I LOVE it! I bet it feels so great to have your own place to nest in. :) Yay! SO excited for you. Beautiful progress so far!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Wow! It looks amazing already. You have done more in one week than we have in too long to remember. I think Bill is getting tired of me saying that:) Looks wonderful. Very happy for all of you.
    Love NeeNee

  1. Heard by God said...:

    ooohhhhh PERFECT color choice on that wall -- I LOVE it -- I am looking forward to more pics! One of my very favorite things & weird obsessions is wall painting. I have done every room in my house, & I do a lot of the faux stylings too. It looks beautiful, Deb!

  1. Hi Kel--

    Yeah, it's pretty cool knowing it's "ours", though it still hasn't really sunk in yet... maybe after we make our first mortgage payment July 1st. Ha. ; )

    & Nee Nee,
    I saw pictures of your place & thought it looked done or at least close to it? If not, nesting will take care of that soon enough, hee hee! ; )

    & Danna,
    I'm glad all of you like the colors! Rob was a bit hesitant about the red but I thought it'd be a fun thing to do after so many years of white. He doesn't mind it now that the deed is done, thank goodness!

    And I totally need you to come here and do some of your wall magic here-- I'm clueless when it comes to faux finishing techniques!
    I'd like to eventually do something special on our bedroom walls but have no clue where to even start (I kind of like the venetian (sp?) plaster look). But anyways, something to make the wall look kind of rustic & aged. You're welcome here for a visit anytime (of course you'll have to work a.k.a "plaster" for your food!!!, hee hee, j/k! ; )