Farewell, Green Bay. : (


Sadly, as I'm sure all of you know by now, the Packers are done for the season after experiencing a crushing 3 point defeat in yesterdays playoff game. (** SOB **).

I have no idea why but for some reason this year I became very emotionally invested with this football team. Maybe it's because as I grow older, I understand more and value the idea of complete and total camaraderie. Only during a Packer game can you put 20 people in a room, all from different backgrounds, with different viewpoints, different lifestyles... even different life philosophies and all that goes out the window as soon as the game comes on. Everyone in the room, for those few hours share a common bond.

Or maybe my emotional attachment to the Packers this year came about because of something as simple as the good times spent with good friends and family that we don't get to see and hangout with all the time. Who knows? What I do know is that, as my wonderful (yet rottenly gloating New England loving) husband says, "There's always next year, right?" Blah.

But until then, at least we have the Super Bowl, where we as Packer fans can all band together and unite to cheer for the New England Patriots... Yeah, cheer that they get spanked so hard by the Giants that they go crying back to their mommies.

Sorry Rob, the Pat's are going down. Until next year...


p.s... as this is my final Packer post of the season, I leave you with the last pictures of all of us gathered watching the final game. It was a great time, regardless of who won or lost. I already can't wait for next season to begin. : )

Connor and Chris.
This is an example of what makes Packer fans so special... their willingness to demonstrate kindness by embracing the enemy. ; )
Connor and Granny Myrt.
Connor and Uncle Jerry.
Connor and Jessica.
Connor and Linda.
Being tickled.
My attempt at baking a Packer cake. No, that's not squeeze cheese on top.
Gathered around reading the Packer article on my blog. : )

... to be continued next season...


  1. Anonymous said...:

    I think I was being hugged because everyone wanted to be around a Patriot fan! I don't know what other records are left to break come super bowl?


  1. Auntie Linda said...:


    We will be a Patriot fan one time just for you!!! Then we go back to total Pack!


  1. Monica said...:

    I have a record you can break.....the worst loss in a Super Bowl by the heavy favorite and ridiculously most discussed team all year! :P

    I have been emotionally involved (way too much for football I know) since the 96 season when I had to live in CO and had to deal with living with the enemy.

    I have been really into this year as I love Brett Favre and would have loved one more Super Bowl ring for that awesome man!

    LOVE the Packer party. You guys go way out!

  1. Hi All!

    Rob- I think that you being hugged by the Packer fans is what caused the Pack to lose. You sucked out all the spirit! ; )

    Linda-- I suppose cheering for the Patriots just this once isn't such a bad thing considering if they won they'd beat the rotten Giants who just beat the Pack. That would be a fitting end to their season.

    & Monica--- I'm so glad you stopped by! LOVED your comment to Rob, hee hee! ; )

    ~ Deb

  1. Gramps said...:

    Great food, great friends and great fun, (Martini's)!
    If the Pack would have won, Bret would have to retire. So it will be great to see him come back next year and we'll celebrate with another one of those Packer Cakes!
    It doesn't matter if you win or lose, it's how you play the game. GO BRET, GO PACK!!!!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    WHOA! Please form a single line to get on the Patriot band wagon which leaves @1:00. Parade to follow

    Monica- your patriot hats and shirts should arrive to you end of week as you requested ;)

    The rash from packer hug is almost gone.

    Let the record breaking begin, I wonder if the players will have to hire assistants to help carry their heavy hands from an additional ring?

    Your inspiration