Retzer Apple Festival...

... and some more misc. pictures. Rob took Connor to a local nature center for their annual Fall Apple Festival. I even convinced Rob to bring the camera and take some pictures-- he did great! Here are the pictures from the apple fest.
What else ya going to do when at an Apple Festival? ; )
Getting a mosquito painted on his face (only in WI, yes) : )

Inside the nature center.

Here are some random shots from over the last few days.

His Lady-Love Riley.

No folks, we don't make a habit of riding (or should I say sitting on the bike) in the grass... I put the bike in the grass so the kids could chase around and play but all they wanted to do was sit on the tricycle.
Gazing adoringly at one another... ; )
So, you ready to get off yet?

Um, really, this is fun and all, but could you please get off?

Showing me the bird-poopy pinecone he found. Lovely.

Getting the hang of riding his new tricycle.

So happy with his new tricycle. : )

Waiting in the car for the rain to stop so we can go hiking.

Silly face.

~ Deb


  1. Danna said...:

    Hey hey hey! Daddy got him the bike after all, eh? He looks SO thrilled, definitely a good decision. :o)

    Fave pic: #2 with the apple.

  1. Connor James said...:

    Yeah-- it was a really good decision! Connor loves it-- he was getting a little frustrated at first with it but now he's doing tons better. He's especially proficient at going backwards, not so great yet at going forwards, and terrible at turning. ; )