Lapham Peak

The Tower at Lapham...
The boys halfway up.
3/4 of the way up. View from the top. Connor had absolutely no fear of the height. I think he would have climbed over the railing if we had let him.
My two favorite specks at the top.

A very sad boy... dropped his pinecone. : (

The beginning of the hike.

Having a rest.

Found a nutshell.

Gathering sticks.

Sticks are FUN.

Trying to walk the same as Daddy.

Starting to lag.

The inevitable...

... thank goodness for piggyback rides. : )

The end of the hike... yes, that speck in the middle of the picture is a deer. That's about as close as we could get (with a tired out and yelling toddler). So neat that we saw one, though. If you click on the image, you should be able to see the picture larger.

Some random nature shots.

The one fully changed tree that we saw along the way.

My favorite picture of the bunch.

The end.

~ Deb


  1. Anonymous said...:

    This is one of the times of year I really miss WI. Plus the Packers won again today which gets me a bit homesick. Anyway, great photos of nature and family. Send any B-day suggestions for the young one.
    Love Nee Nee

  1. Danna said...:

    Paul looked at these with me on Sunday. He insists he's been to the place in the pictures, although I never have. He says my Dad took him? I think he's nutso. But anyway, I love the pics -- my favorite was "my two favorite specks" -- I cracked up at that one, Deb!

  1. Connor James said...:

    Well Jeanine, I feel for ya... fall in AZ isn't really fall. More just like an extended summer, hee hee. I remember that when I was in AZ in the fall I totally was homesick around this time of the year, too. Oh, and the Pack won again! 4-0, baby! When you coming back for another visit? ; )

  1. Connor James said...:

    Oh, and Danna-- I bet your dad probably did take Paul to Lapham Peak-- it's super close to the lake... maybe a 10 minute drive or so. One of these days it'd be so cool for our families to all go together... get some great pictures!

    ~ Deb