I Heart Faces.

Mad Dog...?

My dog Buttercup. She's not angry, I promise. This would be her choking on some sort of hairball, ha.


  1. Mary said...:

    OMG, she is SO adorable!

  1. Shannon1971 said...:

    That is AWESOME! That made me LOL!!! I love IT!

  1. Cortnie said...:

    Oh, but I was happy thinking she was a little feisty! Awesome shot!

  1. Kathryn said...:

    ha! She thinks she's a pit bull. :)

  1. Abby Lanes said...:

    Oh Buttercup... you are PRECIOUS!!!

    I have a hound named Layla Buttercup, I just love your name. ;)

  1. Thanks for the comments! : )