Sweat Equity.

Looking Down

There's nothing like good old fashioned hair-sweat... Curtain2

... I SWEAR I didn't touch his hair for these Elvis-like shots. Sweaty Hair

Good old nature did this job all on its own. Profile


I realize these last two pictures have nothing to do with sweat. I just couldn't resist posting them. Have you ever seen a more convincing Spiderman painting in your life? Spiderman1

Me neither. It's great being a Mom. : ) Spiderman2


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Love the spider man art! It really does resemble the action hero! He's got the colors right! Wonder where Connor gets his artistic talents?? Could it be his Mom??
    The best Nana in the world!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Found your blog from pioneerwoman.
    Love the photos of your son. He has a very expressive face (and cute!).
    What is the song that plays when I open your blog?

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Hmmm - where does Connor get his artisic abilities? From Nana, to mom, to son. Genetics can be a wonderful thing.
    Terrific photos! I love bragging about all of you.
    Love NeeNee

  1. Hi jujube--

    Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog & commenting-- you made my day! : )

    The song you hear when you are on my blog's homepage is by the Wailin' Jennys & the song title is "One Voice." Here's a link to their website:


    They're awesome folk singers & I really love a lot of their music. Enjoy!

    & Mom--

    I love his painting, too! I thought he did such a great job!!! Check out the brush strokes on that sucker-- it's like he's a pro already, hee hee.

    & Nee Nee--

    Darn skippy, it's totally all about genentics!! I'm lucky to have had 2 parent's who were great at art. It'll be interesting to see what Connor falls into down the road. And you are too cute to bragg about all of us! We miss you so darn much... wish you could come to WI soon! : (

  1. Anonymous said...:

    That's an AWESOME Spiderman! I would've known it was him even without the commentary! And the pics of the sweat -- Connor's eyes & everything are so lifelike -- really beautiful pictures, Deb -- full of SOUL.

  1. Thanks for the huge grin D! I always wait in anticipation for your sweet comments! : )

    ~ D