A Visit With Grandpa

My Grandpa is a quiet kind of guy...

Thinking, originally uploaded by deborahtynan.

... he doesn't leave his house much...

House, originally uploaded by deborahtynan.

...but that's okay.

Kitchen Profile, originally uploaded by deborahtynan.

He likes to talk about the past...

Squinting, originally uploaded by deborahtynan.

... a LOT. But that's okay, too. Speaking of the past... this is a picture that I tried to restore. That's my Great Grandpa on the right. My mom is the sassy but cute one in the middle staring at the camera. Grandpa really liked this picture. : )

Here's the original...

... and here's the fixed up version.

I think my Grandpa should always be shot in black & white. Or sepia.

Sepia Smile, originally uploaded by deborahtynan.

My Grandpa likes to wear hats...

Hat Fun, originally uploaded by deborahtynan.

... so does Connor.

Connor & His Hat, originally uploaded by deborahtynan.

A match made in hat Heaven.

Happy New Year?, originally uploaded by deborahtynan.

This would be my child sneaking jellybeans. He's wondering if I'll say something. ; )

Innocent Thief, originally uploaded by deborahtynan.

And finally, this would be the clematis that grows in abundance off the side of my Grandpa's house. It's reaching toward the sun and wishing for Spring... just like the rest of us. (Just thought a picture in color would be a fitting end to this post!). : )

Clematis, originally uploaded by deborahtynan.


  1. Ashley said...:

    You make me so sad!!! I lost one of my grandpa's when I was 9, and I don't see or talk to my other. I think grandpa's are always such a joy to be around, and I miss that!! I am thankful for my grandma on my mom's side--she is my hero--or as I say "superwoman". Cherish every minute you have with them!! You won't realize what you had until it's gone.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Love the pics of Grandpa and Connor, Deb! Very precious the two of them together. I bet he enjoyed your visit. The hats are definitely a hoot. That camera is awesome and the colors turned out fantastic.

  1. kEllEy_G said...:

    Oh Deb...this was just about the best post I've seen in a while from anyone. Wow! I love all the pics of your grandpa. You'll be so thankful you have them too! :)

  1. AWWW Ash, don't be sad! : ( You're right, though-- it's good to cherish the family we DO have.

    & Mom, Glad you liked the pic's! The visit went fine-- I even managed to drag Grandpa out of the house for lunch! : )

    $ Kel, You made my day with your sweet comment-- I'm really glad you enjoyed the post.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Kay, I could've SWORN I left a comment yesterday -- Waaaaaahhhhh! I was here & totally moved by these pics (even teared up at a couple). Absolute work of art post -- you need to start advertising your work, Deb. I have a friend who started her own business a couple years ago, & NOW her husband has quit his job & they both run her photography business together. They just bought their first professional studio, & they are doing really well. You should start out just taking pics for folks (set up some fees, of course). Seriously.

    This log-in is Kelli's, I think. But it's Danna writing.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Thanks for posting these pics. It's good to see Grandpa enjoying himself. Hah! Sneaking candy from that house is a fine traditon to be passed down. Go Connor! Great song choice by the way. Love NeeNee

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Loved the pictures of your Grandpa!

    Rhonda from Minnesota