Happy Birthday Little Man.


From this...
To this... who is this little man and what did he do with my baby? ; )

Video clips of past Birthday's.

Being Born.

2 years old. Big 2 yr old

3 yrs old. Singing Happy B-Day at Nanna & Boppa's

4th Birthday party footage to follow in a few days!

~ Deb


  1. kEllEy_G said...:

    Awww Deb! I am sure you must be so proud of your big boy. I remember so very well coming to see you in your apartment when you stayed in Oconomowoc by that Hallmark store. I cannot remember the name of that street though. :) And Connor was a baby...how time flies. Happy Birthday Connor!

  1. Aw Kel, I remember that too! Thanks for the B-Day wishes!

    I have a ton of trick-or-treat pic's to upload where Connor is wearing the spiderman costume that you sent us. HE IS HILARIOUS in it-- can't wait to show you! : )

  1. Heard by God said...:

    Weird comment system here now, babe --

    He is a handsome little dude, that's for sure!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CONNOR!!!!

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