Birthday Party Pic's


Picture's from Connor's Birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese's. Thanks to everyone who came!!! : ) ~ Deb

The spread. : )
The cake. Connor wanted a rainbow cake and a bug theme. : / These next few pic's were taken the day after Connor's party- He's using a couple of his new gifts. : )

And here's a quick video clip of Connor playing with the new Bounceback Racer that he got from Nanna.


  1. Heard by God said...:

    What a BLAST that looks like it was!! Fave pic was his big cheesy smile at someone to his left w his hands folded in front of his cake. He's like, "Okay, I love you all, but I'm about to dig in if you don't quit snapping pics!"

    Love Seamus.

    I hope this is one of his earliest memories when he's our age -- what a great one!

  1. Thanks for stopping by Danna the Dear! It was a fun time and Connor wasn't SICK like he was last year which made it all the better! : ) But of course he's sick again now... : ( Such is life. I know exactly where he caught his current bug this time-- from nasty, skanky McD's playland. I HATE that place and always regret taking him there. GRRR, when will I learn?!?!? And when will they clean that darn place?!?!? And WHEN will parent's STOP BRINGING THEIR NASTY, SICK KIDS there?!?!? Sorry for the rant but all I have been hearing today is "Mommy, my "fwoat" (throat) hurts..." * SIGH * I hate it when he's sick & sore. : (

  1. beth said...:

    Looks like such a fun party...except the part about it being at Chuck E Cheese...those giant rats scare me. Also, who let the man in wearing a Packer hoodie :) ?

    I LOVED the ones of Connor wearing the painting bib and painting...sooooo cute!

  1. Haha Beth! Thanks for stopping by! I just realized you commented-- for some reason I am NOT getting all my blogger comments emailed to me like I used to.

    Didn't you hear? The Chuck E. Cheese- chain is thinking of requiring EVERYONE to wear a Packer hoodie before they will be allowed in the facility.... hee hee.

  1. beth said...:

    Ha...well, at least it won't matter to me since I am scared of those rats. I never go there! I feel bad for them though because the company is going to fall apart with a requirement like that :)

  1. Well, only people who aren't Packer fans are afraid of big, furry fake mice! ; P

    * WINK *