All the lake pictures were taken with flash just because it was so bright out (His face would have been in complete shadow from the hat without the filler-flash). All these indoor pictures were taken with no flash, ISO (speed) set at 200. (I still had to brighten them a bit in Photoshop-- Danna, do you have Photoshop?) The drunken cowboy. : ) These outdoor bubble shots were taken with flash. These next few were taken with no flash, set at 200 ISO. ~ Deb


  1. Anonymous said...:

    It was nice to get him in the water one more time before fall. I think next year he will love it even more.

  1. Danna said...:

    Thank you so much for spelling out how you did each set, Deb! There were several pics I was thinking specific thoughts on & trying to remember for my comment but it got too much. I LOL'd at the drunked cowboy -- loved the bucket being poured down his front -- loved the one with the red ball thing in the center -- great pics, Deb!

  1. Connor James said...:

    Rob-- Yeah, I think Connor will hopefully be more comfortable to float next year (as long as he doesn't do anymore face-plants, ha).

    Danna-- YAY, glad you liked them! Tell me if it gets annoying when I put photography info by the pics-- I promise I won't be offended. : ) I really love all your latest pictures. I can tell you are experimenting and they are looking great. Don't be discouraged-- for every one good shot I take there are 20 more that totally suck. AND I have Photoshop which totally helps color correction and brightness. Anywhoo, just wanted to say you are doing GREAT. Can't wait to see more.

    ~ Deb

  1. Danna said...:

    Not annoying in the least, no! I like learning things, & you are a good instructor in this arena b/c you love it ~ that's contagious, & it's great! :o)

    I'm pretty sure the photoshop we have is from like '99 or something, & I really don't use it. So technically, yes, we have it, but . . . really, no. LOL