The Park

I crown you... ... the alligator prince. Worried that it'll blow off in the wind. Yes folks, he really is that cute. : ) Trying hard to show patience.
His "sassy" face. Alligator hat inspection time... all is well. I have no idea what's so amusing to him in this shot. Beaver-teeth to the rescue. ; ) He's got his warrior face on. Talking to himself as he climbs. Being goofy on the way home.
More chins than a chinese phonebook. Teary eyes-- he never wants to leave the park. Being a little shy.
Well, this morning was storytime at the library, where we heard stories about alligators and then Connor got to make an alligator hat. He loves it, of course, and refuses to take it off. He's so darn sweet he makes my teeth hurt. : )

~ Deb


  1. Anonymous said...:

    He's walking around like he owns the park. The hat comes with power!

  1. Connor James said...:

    My favorite of these is the "warrior" face one (on the ropes). I can only imagine what is running through that brain of his! Tough little peanut. ; )