Duck Potty Training 101

And the assault begins...
Is that a duck or an angry hornet? Making a hasty retreat after the attack on Daddy. Trying to appear an innocent duck-- but we're not fooled. Sassy duck... Sweet duck.
Um, no idea.
Start with applying an overly-small-duck-costume (from Halloween 2 years prior) on your toddler which includes one small pair of duck-like footie slippers. Than remove all other articles of clothing from the waist down (except, of course the duck footie slippers). Continue following normal potty training procedures. One may experience more than normal aggressive toddler behavior when one puts the overly small duck costume on the recipient. See illustrations above. ; )

~ Deb


  1. Anonymous said...:

    the wounds are starting to close now.

  1. Danna said...:

    LOL!! Great post, Deb! I can see where Connor gets his great hair color too -- I had forgotten Rob's hair color.

    Love the shiny hiney shots, HAH!

    Some of those up close face shots reveal Mister Mischief in those eyes!!