Another Monday Morning.

All these were taken with flash or they'd have been nothing but blur!

On your mark, get set,....
Happy to have landed on his feet.Happy clappy dance. Super huge and fancy jump! : ) Laughing at himself. And here we begin the "Zero -Flash" policy. (Yes, I'm a little crazy.) Blurry cuteness. : ) Confident balancer. Watching "Wonder Pets" ...more watching. And some slicing.
The End.


  1. Danna said...:

    I think you have to have an eye -- trained or just talented -- for this, Deb, b/c I just don't see it. I love all three pics, & the first one just seems clearer to me while the others seem softer? Anyway, I feel like I may fail you as a student of photography b/c I feel like I'm missing something half the time. I hope that's not poopyheaded to say!!!!

  1. Connor James said...:

    Aw Danna, not poopyheaded at all! You nailed it on the head when you said the other 2 pictures look "softer." I think the best way to describe flash -vs- no flash is this:

    flash= flatter images (less dimensional, more distortion of color and depth of field, darker backgrounds.

    no flash= more natural looking images, the natural lighting gives lots of depth to the subject matter and has less distortion, softer/less harsh images (like you said) and more natural colors and backgrounds. Basically, no flash is "what you see is what you get" meaning no distortion from the flash. More "soft" and natural. SEE! You nailed it smack on the head!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    He's getting some serious air in that one picture!